S’true, we don’t own a clothes dryer…

Despite having many ideas for blog posts, it’s been almost three months since I last wrote anything. I blame Netflix… Today, as I was skimming through some new blogs that have been suggested to me (100 days of real food, 52 baby steps), it occurred to me that there are a ton of “green” things that I already do, that I should share on my blog. Maybe it will inspire you to make a green change in your life, or at least get a conversation going as you share your tips and earth-friendly habits.

  • Don’t own a clothes dryer.  We bought an energy efficient washer a few years ago, intending to buy a dryer a few months later, and found we didn’t need it!  We hang everything on racks in our basement, even cloth diapers and reusable baby wipes.
  • No air conditioning.  Haven’t had one in five years.  Okay, we did break down and buy a portable unit in the middle of last summer’s heat wave when our 6-month old stopped sleeping well, but we only used it for a week, I swear!
  • Only own one (small) car.  My partner walks or bikes the 3km to his work, and I’ll be working from home when I start back from maternity leave.  Oh, and the car we own (a Honda Fit) is a pretty reasonable size for 2 adults, a baby and a dog… though we couldn’t survive without our roof rack!
  • Local and organic food.  Okay, not all the time – not even close.  But we grow (some of ) our own in the summer, buy mostly organic produce, and often organic meat and dairy.  And I’m a big farmer’s market junky in the summer.
  • Anti-plastic.  Again, I’m not hardcore about anything.  But we never use bottled water (um, it’s free from the tap??), use all reusable food containers (even cloth ziploc bags – thanks to The Straight Stitch), and buy  mostly wood and fabric toys for our daughter.
  • Natural products.  Soap, lotion, detergent, cleaning products, makeup, etc… I have super sensitive skin, so I’ve always bought fragrance free, but in the past few years I’ve stopped buying “commercial” brands of many products, and use a lot of natural lines like Seventh Generation, Green Beaver, Honey Pie, and natureclean, to name a few.  Except for shampoo.  If anyone can suggest a natural shampoo or conditioner that actually works, I’m all ears!  I find they generally leave my hair looking like straw.
  • Why disposable?  On the same vein as being anti-plastic, if I can buy reusable instead of disposable, I do.  Aside from the waste issue, I’m also cheap – why would I buy it over and over again if I can just wash it and use it again?

There are probably a bunch of other little things we do, but those are the main ones that come to mind…  There are a ton of things I could do better at, but as I’ve said, I’m never going to be hardcore.  My goal is to be mostly green most of the time – I figure that way I’m doing my part, and I also then don’t have to feel guilty when I’m have “non-green” moments.  When I buy non-organic chicken because I’m at the grocery store and that’s what they have and I can’t be bothered to make a special trip to the organic butcher.  When I drive the 1km to my daughter’s music class because it means I don’t have to worry about her falling asleep in the stroller on the way home and messing up her nap.  And when I eat non-local produce all darned winter because I just don’t like collard greens and squash that much!

Now it’s your turn!  What do you do that’s green?  How’s this for a promise… If someone comments with some green habit that I don’t currently do AND that is reasonable (won’t cost me a ton of time or money), I’ll start doing it, and blog about it how it goes!  Eek, I could see this getting out of hand.  I’ll tell you right now, I am NOT taking navy showers in January – ain’t gonna happen!  Looking forward to your suggestions…


2 thoughts on “S’true, we don’t own a clothes dryer…

  1. Re: Shampoo and Conditioner….I’ve been using the LiveClean line (available at Shopper’s Drugmart) for the last few years. It’s not completely green (99.9%, purportedly) but it was the first one that felt normal. As a side note, my hair felt completely disgusting for about 2 weeks. I guess that’s your hair adjusting….

    My challenge to you- before you leave Toronto…..- walk everywhere you need to go for 1 week. I did it last summer. It saw me walking as far as Yonge & Lawrence once. Not practical, but eye-opening.


  2. Hi Charlotte, Yes, I use LiveClean as well sometimes. Though I admit I alternate with salon products, as I colour my hair…
    I like the challenge! I was actually going to post that my challenge for today was to go car free for this week at least, and maybe the next month. I don’t think I can walk everywhere, as I work at Keele and Shepherd, which is 26 km from here. 🙂 But I’ll give the car free a try when I don’t absolutely need it for work!


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