Day 2 – Second time around…

Today’s post is inspired by my first blog comment since launching “green resolutions” yesterday – thanks Andrea!  She reminded me that I’ve donated a lot of my daughter’s clothes to her, meaning she hasn’t had to buy new baby clothes.  We have followed the same practice, and almost all of my daughter’s clothes are hand-me-downs from her cousins.  It’s an easy, affordable and super practical way to dress kids, given that they grow out of clothes so fast.

And while I’m pretty good at buying second-hand for Amelia (toys, clothes, furniture), I haven’t been as good at doing it for myself.  So my pledge for day #2 is to visit at least one consignment/second-hand store before purchasing any new clothes for myself, and to try to outfit  our next house with furniture and accessories from second-hand sources wherever possible.  Of course, that would require us having a new house to move into… but that’s another blog post for another day… If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to surf MLS…


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Second time around…

  1. I never like wearing other peoples clothes (too many outfits from Goodwill as an art student, I think…). My theory is that you are equally virtuous and eco-friendly if you buy from young local designers! Fresh Baked Goods, Meg and Huh (all in my ‘hood on Queen West) are great – esp – FBG – great quality, and not too expensive (my best find last year was a chartreuse corduroy skirt for, if I recall correctly, $60, and a great cowl necked top with a neat button detail.


    1. I hear you! My objection to second hand clothes is more that I think I lack the style sense to be a good consignment shopper… I love your suggestion of buying from local designers! I would add places like that upcycle old clothes into new items. I’ll amend my previous resolution to include second hand, locally designed AND upcycled clothes. Thanks Catherine!


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