Day 3 – Happy Meat!

Many express surprise that I’m not a vegetarian.  I must admit, I’ve never even tried.  I like meat.  And provided animals are raised and treated humanely, I don’t object to humans as omnivores.  I recognize that my meat consumption has an element of hypocrisy in it, as I’ve never visited a slaughterhouse, and likely couldn’t stomach doing so (oh, bad pun, sorry!).    But a meat eater I remain, regardless.

And for a long time, I was really good at eating only “happy meat” – sourced from organic farms, local where possible.  Then I got pregnant, and super focused on consuming sufficient protein, and I got lazy.  It was easier to buy a box of PC frozen chicken at the NoFrills across the street, then to hike up (a whole kilometre!) to the organic meat store.  There are at least three within walking distance of me, so I really have no excuse!

But this lazy meat-eating has come to an end.  Today’s resolution is to eat ONLY organic, local when possible, meat for the next year.  As a bonus, this will mean reducing the total amount of meat we eat, which is not only environmentally responsible, but healthier.

I started tonight with hamburgers.  We wanted burgers for dinner and didn’t have any.  Instead of popping over to the grocery store, we did a little planning and combined a trip to the playground for my daughter, a romp at the dog park for the pooch, and a stop at Big Carrot for hamburgers (and focaccia buns – yum!).

If you’re looking for motivation to eat organically sourced meat, and like me don’t want to visit a slaughterhouse, pay attention the next time you drive a secondary highway in a rural part of Ontario.  Chances are you’ll be passed by a truck packed full of pigs.  That’s usually enough of a reminder for me to change my eating habits.  Yes, I know even humanely raised animals have to be trucked to a slaughterhouse, but I feel a little less guilty if I know they’ve been treated humanely up to that point, and will face a humane end.

On that light note, I’m off to find a snack… bacon, anyone?


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