Day 5 & 6 – Car-free, baby wipes and foot long hot dogs.

Eek, less than week in and I’ve already missed a day!  My excuse is that yesterday was even busier than the usual busy-ness.  After my toddler partied in the wee hours of the morning, I spent the morning in a sleep-deprived fog.  Then it was off to a Jays game, followed by dinner and drinks, to celebrate my hubby’s 40th birthday.  I didn’t even think about a blog post until I fell into bed, and I just don’t have the willpower to get up and post at 11pm.  Ya, I’m old, what?

However, I will make up for it by doubling on resolutions today.  The first is inspired by Charlotte’s comment on an earlier post, challenging me to use only my feet to travel around the city for the next month.  I would love to accept this challenge, but there are two major obstacles.  One is that I work at Keele and Shepherd, and hiking 26km to work just isn’t practical.  Second, I have a toddler who is very busy, and just wouldn’t consent to that much time in her stroller.  Instead, I’m going to pledge to use only transit for the next month (wherever possible).  I add that caveat because there are times I have to drive to work (I do site visits in the woods in rural areas near Bolton, Uxbridge, etc… where there just isn’t transit, unfortunately…) and my life just doesn’t allow the many, many hours it would take to bike to those places!  But I’m going to do my best-est!

I feel this is a good time to mention one of the other motivations I had for starting this blog challenge.  I am not hard-core. I’ve tried to be, but I’m not.  I’ve tried to do nothing but cloth diapers for my daughter, but I end up taking disposables for outings and travel.  I’ve tried to eliminate disposable plastic bags entirely, but sometimes I need something to put my sunscreen in when I travel.  I’m willing to sacrifice convenience for the greater good, but I have my limits.  And while I felt guilty about this for a long time, I have decided to embrace this middle-of-the-road part of my personality.  And here’s why.

I alone cannot change the world.  I’d like to, but I can’t.  For our society to reduce its collective impact on the planet, lots and lots of people have to change.  And the majority of our society (hello Mayor Ford) just aren’t willing to spend more money, take more time, or sacrifice of themselves in any way.  Convenience is too often a reason to do or not do something.  So if I can model a way to help the planet that doesn’t cost a fortune, take up hours of your day, or require you to give too much of yourself, maybe it has a better chance of catching on.   And I grant that lots of people won’t be willing to sacrifice their clothes dryer or their air conditioning unit, but maybe they’ll think about using them less.

So maybe this is just my way of making excuses for my lack of hard-core-ed-ness, but maybe not.  Maybe taking a more relaxed approach will make green living seem a little less intimidating.

Would this be a good time to mention that I goofed and accidentally ate a foot long hot dog at the ball game yesterday?  Seriously, I totally forgot I wasn’t supposed to until someone reminded me!  And despite assertions that there is very little real meat in a foot long hot dog, it was still a serious violation of my happy meat resolution.  As penalty, I’m going meat free for the rest of this week (and that doesn’t even count as a challenge!)

Given that this has become a very long post, I’ll be brief about my Day 6 challenge.   I’m going back to using cloth diaper wipes all the time – even when I’m out and about.  I’m going to break out my handy travel wet bag (thanks Stef!), and get back into the habit.  I’ll keep a pack of disposables in my diaper bag for really messy 5-alarm poops, or when my kid is having a diaper change tantrum in a public bathroom, but I’ll promise to be as hard-core as I can the rest of the time.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 & 6 – Car-free, baby wipes and foot long hot dogs.

  1. Just noticed that, according the dating on my blog posts, it looks like a missed a day earlier this week, but posted yesterday. I did not post yesterday, so I’m not sure how this happened? Regardless, I missed one somewhere, so a double resolution post was in order.


  2. Like you say, there’s nothing wrong with being middle-of-the-road! I think very few people are capable or willing to completely sacrifice their convenience or comfort for the greater good of the earth. For every three or four responsible life choices Bri and I make, there’s probably one that’s not so great. I happily dish out more time and money buying humanely-raised meat and organic produce, leave the car at home whenever possible, or air-dry our laundry. But try to take my air conditioner away and I’ll cling to it for dear life! 🙂

    We digest so much information about living green lives, but tend to overlook the merits of balance. Sometimes I get so swept up in the guilt of my poorer choices (like the Mexican-grown strawberries currently sitting in our fridge) that all of my responsible life choices mean nothing. But then I remember: hey, I’m not a bad person! I never aim to be perfect, but I often need to remind myself that those little green choices add up, and shouldn’t be discounted in the face of occasional convenience/laziness/reality.

    Anyway, that’s enough from me! I salute your green adventure!


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