Day 7 – Who’s UFFI?

Ugh. Today has been a long and busy one!  Hauled my butt all the way out to Guelph (yes, I drove, I’m sorry!  It’s really far to Guelph, and I had no advance notice so couldn’t make other plans.  I’ll be good tomorrow, I promise!).  I went to look at a LOVELY house that ended up having Urea Formaldehyde Insulation (UFFI).  So we won’t be moving our toddler into that house…

On the upside, my house misadventure has inspired today’s green challenge. While reading about UFFI, I learned that there are much higher levels of formaldehyde coming from things in our home that we may not  be aware of, such as pressed wood furniture, cushions, carpets, etc… So my challenge is that all future house purchases (forever, not just this year) will be formaldehyde free.  I know IKEA uses formaldehyde free filler in their products.  Anyone else have tips on good sources for furniture, carpets, etc?  Pass them along!


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