Day 8 – At-Home Spa!

Every morning I wake up wondering what my resolution for the day will be.  And so far, the answer seems to come to me at the strangest of times!  Today, it was while I was tweezing my eyebrows.  Sorry, that’s probably too much information for some of you!  Regardless, there I was, trying to think of something other than the pain I was causing myself.  As I debated whether I have time this week for a spa visit to have a professional do a better job, it occurred to me that perhaps my monthly-ish aesthetician visits are an unnecessary luxury.  While the environmental cost may not be immediately obvious, one could argue the volume of chemical hair, skin and other products is far from beneficial to the planet.  Not to mention the health impacts of colouring, treating, waxing, etc… ourselves on a regular basis.  Apologies to those friends of mine who work in salons, I know you aim to use more eco-products, but not all salons are as conscientious as you are.

So today’s resolution is that I am DONE with aesthetician visits.  I won’t promise (yet) to give up my hair colour, and I definitely need a regular hair cut, but that can be a topic for another post!  For now, I’m just committing to all future plucking happening at home. 🙂


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