Day 9 – You need more GOOD in your life…

I’ve been a subscriber of GOOD ( for a few years now.  If you’re not familiar with this magazine/website, you need to be.  Not only is it, well, good, but it’s informative, interesting, enlightening… And I think it would be a great place to work.  Imagine the conversation: “Where do you work?” “I work for good”.  Nice.

GOOD has a great FB/Twitter feed, and I check out their posts almost daily.  Today they had this story about Apple and the EPEAT registry:

I wasn’t familiar with EPEAT, but after a review of the website, I’ve learned they are essentially a registry for “greener” electronics that meet a list of required and optional criteria.  Definitely a resource that I will use for future electronics purchases.  Good news is that my Apple Macbook Air is on the list.  They don’t assess phones, but Samsung has a number of products registered, so at least my Galaxy is from a responsible producer.

You might think that today’s resolution relates to the purchase of electronics… and while it would be easy to say that I’ll just purchase only EPEAT approved products for the next year, the truth is that I don’t have any purchases planned, so that would be a bit of a cop-out.  Instead, my green challenge today is about YOU!  My goal is to convert at least TEN people into GOOD followers.  So follow the link (, check out GOOD, and become at least an online subscriber.  I highly recommend the magazine too, but at least get your dose of daily GOOD!  Because who doesn’t need more GOOD in their lives?


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