Day 11 – Putting Ziploc out of business, one bag at at time…

I used to be pretty hard core about not using disposable “stuff”, particularly plastic.  But since my daughter’s arrival, I have definitely gotten more lax.  As of today, I am going to remove all disposable plastic bags from our lives.  The three types that I’ll be eliminating are:

  1. Grocery bags – I’m 99% good at this already, taking cloth bags whenever I shop.
  2. Plastic veggie bags – I’m not great at this.  I never remember to take my mesh reusable veggie bags.  I often just don’t use a bag at all, and put up with the glares from the cashiers.  But I’m going to start packing the mesh bags in my cloth bags so I can get better at this one.
  3. Ziploc bags – This is where the most improvement is needed. I NEVER use to buy these, but I’ve started to stock them in the last year.  Eep.  Unnecessary expense, and waste of plastic.  Here’s how I currently use them, and what I’m going to use instead.
    • For storing cheese in the fridge.  We eat a lot of cheese, and I hate when it gets hard on the end.  I don’t have reusable containers big enough for the giant blocks of cheese I buy, so I end up wrapping the end in a zippie and an elastic.  BUT a friend shared a great tip with me, which is to cut the top inch of the plastic cheese package off.  Cut it off in one complete piece, so it’s like a little hat for the cheese.  Slide it back on to the block of cheese, throw an elastic around it and TADA! No more ziploc needed.
    • For freezing stuff.  This is really just me being lazy, because betwen the million reusable containers we own, not to mention mason jars, there’s really no need.  So I’m just going to stop being lazy.
    • For my daughter’s used cloth diaper wipes.  This is a fun fix – I’m ordering more wet bags from my friend’s Etsy site.  Pretty and practical, I’ll have one for each of my “diaper stations” at home, and one for travel.
    • For storing my daughter’s snack when out and about.  Back to the Etsy site, I’m going to get back in the habit of using reusable sandwich bags.  Pretty, super easy to clean, and more fun for my daughter to eat out of.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other ways I use ziploc bags, but if they’re not top of mind, they’re probably infrequent and therefore easy to solve.  Once the box of ziplocs in my drawer is finished, I will not be buying more.  Not sure the money saved will buy me a new car, but it will free up space in my junk drawer, so that’s a bonus!


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