Day 12 – Belching black smoke

Today was not my best green day.  We had to drive out to Fergus to see about a rental place, and we decided to give our kid a break by making a day of it, instead of subjecting her to 3 hours of straight driving.  So we headed to Burlington to visit with family, then north to Fergus, a stop in Guelph for dinner, and back to the city.  So a lot of car exhaust time…  If there’s an upside, it’s that it gave me an idea for today’s post.

At one point we were driving on the 401, and we passed a truck that as my husband said “should have been pulled off the road”.  It was POURING black smoke out of its exhaust.  I’m no mechanic, but that can’t be good.  So today’s post is about reducing your carbon emissions by keeping your car in good condition.  I’m pledging to get regular tune-ups at my mechanic’s, keep my tires properly inflated, and change my oil every 5,000 km.  If you have other good car tips, pass them along!

And while I can’t undo all the driving we did today, the sooner we find and buy a house, the less trips to Guelph we have to do.  So, Guelph-ites, do your part for the planet and get your neighbours to put their houses on the market, so we can buy one! 🙂


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