Day 13 – Home away from home

If it was easy to use my daughter’s birth as an excuse to be green-lazy, it’s even easier to use travel.  I was reminded of this fact when I was packing for a week up north.  We’re very fortunate that my parents have a place in Haliburton County, and that my generous Mom does child care for me, so from time to time I can sneak up north to work by the lake for a week.  Heaven.

However, as anyone with a little one knows, travelling with toddlers requires gear, even when visiting well kitted-out grandparents.  Clothes, baby monitor, bottles, toys, snacks, diapers… In the past, I’ve used travel as an excuse to take lots of green short cuts – disposable diapers, wipes, individually packaged snacks, etc… But no more!  For this trip I’ve trucked along the cloth diapers (for daytime, I still use cloth at night), cloth wipes, etc… And I just finished hanging our laundry on my Mom’s dryer racks and clothesline, instead of using her dryer.  It helps that my Mom is similarly environmentally minded, so it’s an easy setting in which to continue my good habits.

I’m going to have to make some concessions, as living “in the country” requires things like driving.  I’m not trekking 7km every time I have to get groceries, sorry!  But with a little planning, we can even keep the driving to a minimum.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, today’s green resolution is to maintain this “green-travel” mentality through my future travels.  I can’t promise that I’ll do it on major vacations that involve plane travel (it would require an extra suitcase for cloth diapers, I think!), but I will definitely do it to the homes of friends and family.  So be warned, if you invite me to visit, I’ll be toting a wetbag of poopy diapers and looking for your washing machine!  How’s that for a hostess gift?


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