Day 14 – Weekly Review

It occurs to me that I need to add some accountability to my “green resolution challenge”.  Simply rhyming off a new challenge every day doesn’t guarantee that I’m actually DOING what I say I’m going to do.  For all you know, I could be making lovely statements about my earth friendly habits, then hopping in my Hummer and driving to Wal-Mart.  So I’m instituting a once weekly review, where I report in on how I’ve been doing on the resolutions of the last week.  Since this idea only occurred to me now, you get a bonus two-weeks-in-one.  Are you excited?

And I’ll still add a resolution for the days that I post a weekly review, it just might be smaller one.  For today, I vow to NEVER (in my whole darned life) use individually plastic-wrapped dishwasher or laundry tabs.  I don’t get it!  What is hard about  measuring out a scoop of powder or liquid?  I hope I haven’t offended any of my readers who use these products, but if you are out there, perhaps you could enlighten me as to their rationale?

On to the week in review.  Here is a listing of what I’ve pledged in the last two weeks, and how I’m doing:

  1. Carbon offsets:  Okay, this isn’t a good one to open with, because I don’t have a good report.  I did do my research, and my general conclusion was that carbon offsets perhaps aren’t all they’ve cracked up to be.  I won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation (message me if you want to know more), but suffice to say that I think I’m better off reducing my footprint in the first place, than spending money on offsets.  However, so it doesn’t look like a cop-out, I will taking the money I would have spent on offsets, and donating it to my favourite charity –
  2. Second-hand shopping:  Well, this is easy, cuz I’ve been really good and not done any shopping at all in the last two weeks!
  3. Happy meat:  As you’ll know from my blog, I stepped this up and did no meat at all for a week.  Happy to report that I kept to that perfectly.  And since the meat-free week ended, I’ve only had one meat meal, and it was from a local butcher.  Not sure if it was humanely sourced, but I’m staying with family so can’t be too picky.  Local has green value as well.
  4. Dishwasher load reduction:  This one has worked REALLY well.  By spending 5-10 minutes a night washing pots and pans and whatnot, we’re down to running a dishwasher once every three days instead of once a day.  Sweet.
  5. Car-free and baby wipes:  Okay, I’ve worked my butt off on the baby wipe thing (sorry, no pun intended).  Seriously, there have been some messy incidents, and I’ve used cloth wipes every time.  Even for travel.  So yay for that.  As for car-free, I didn’t do badly… walked a bunch of places, combined trips to reduce travel, and just chose not to go some places that weren’t walkable.  The logistics of being a mostly-single-Mom this past week (hubby just started a new job in a different town), combined with child care and getting to work, not to mention travel to afore-mentioned-new-town to shop for a house, made the car-free thing a bit tricky.  But I did pretty well, and will keep this one up.
  6. See above.
  7. UFFI:  Well, this one was easy as I didn’t buy any new furniture.  And we didn’t buy the house with UFFI, so…
  8. At-home spa:  Yup, kept this one up no problem.  I was always lazy about spa visits, so I’ve just continued being lazy!
  9. GOOD: Got at least 5 people to subscribe to a free daily GOOD feed, and am still working on more.  If you haven’t yet, check out
  10. Drying clothes outside: Check, done.  And continuing to do it, even though I’m away from home this week.
  11. Eliminating all plastic bags:  Yup, doing well on this one.  Rocking the cheese cheat (read post 11 if you don’t get the joke…)
  12. Keeping the car maintained:  Check on this one.  Got myself a new battery on Friday, too.  Though that had more to do with keeping the car running…
  13. Green while travelling:  This is going well, too.  Have barely driven at all, continuing my good meat habits, hanging laundry, and using cloth diapers.

Phew.  Well, if you’re still reading, good for you!  I promise future weekly reviews will be less lengthy.  Feel free to comment with how you think I’m doing thus far.  And I always appreciate suggestions for future challenges!


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