Day 21 – Weekly review and good-bye to samosas…

Hard to believe a week has gone by already, but it’s weekly review time again.  As promised, this blog will be much shorter than last week’s.  Here is a summary of how I’ve done on my pledges for the last week:

  • Working more, driving less – As I head in to my work week, I have a couple of conference calls scheduled, and only one day that I’m driving to work.  And yes, I have to drive – I’m in Burlington this week, and a GO train-subway-bus trip to work would take upwards of two hours, one way.  Eep.  However, on my one in-office day I’ll knock off at least three meetings, so it’s worth the trip.  So far, so good!
  • Short showers – I think this one is going to be one of the more challenging pledges to stick to, but I’m committed!  This past week was easy, as I was up north and spent tons of time in the lake, minimizing the number of showers needed.  Check!
  • Walk in the woods – This post was inspired by my week up north at my Mom’s, so it was pretty easy to stick to.  We went above and beyond though, and took our toddler on her first canoe ride.  Just twenty minutes along the shore, but she LOVED waving at all the cottagers and pointing at each dock and raft.  Can’t wait to see how much fun she’ll have when she can point out each tree on our first back country trip!
  • Olympics – Ya, i cheated this day and didn’t pledge.  I’m sorry, I was beat.  But I did watch some of the opening ceremonies, before I fell asleep.  I will keep posting interesting green olympics stories as I find them.
  • Shopping at craft shows – Again, this was inspired by the craft show I attended the day I posted, so I had kind of already accomplished it.  But continuing to uphold my love of arts and crafts shows will not be too hard.
  • Good book – Developing my Top 12 Non Fiction Book List is going well – I have almost a dozen suggestions, and just need a few more.  Then I’ll make the final decision, and post my list.

I feel like this past week has been relatively easy from a green resolution perspective.  And while that’s good in that makes it easier for others to get on board, I think I need to push myself a bit harder.  If only to keep all of you interested in reading!  I considered pledging to give up using dog poop bags, as the volume of plastic drives me nuts, but I can’t come up with a reasonable alternative… if you’ve got one, I’ll consider it!  So instead I’m given up styrofoam.  Yup, all styrofoam, entirely, for one year.  This will be moderately challenging for grocery shopping, as I’ll have to buy only meats that don’t come packaged in styrofoam.  But the trickiest part?  No more Indian take out!  Sigh.  And those are only the sources I’ve thought of… I’m sure there are more.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m bothering, given that many types of styrofoam are recyclable in some municipalities (including Toronto).  It’s because while “reduce, reuse, recycle” are excellent principles “refuse” should be the first one.  It’s far better to never use something at all, than to just content ourselves with using it more than once.  Just as plastic water bottles are recyclable, we could vastly cut down on our production of plastic if we all just switched to a reusable bottle.  The same principle applies to styrofoam.  Perhaps it’s recyclable (at a cost), but isn’t it better to just not use it at all.

So here’s to a year of having to actually go to a restaurant to have my Saag Paneer.  Or, gasp, learn to make it myself!


2 thoughts on “Day 21 – Weekly review and good-bye to samosas…

  1. does it count if I buy the Indian take-out, put it in a dish and bring it to your house??? LOL….maybe not?

    I’d tackle learning to make that dish with you for sure 🙂


    1. Don’t think so… but you guys could go for dinner, and bring us a doggy bag? A paper one? 🙂 And I love the idea of learning a dish – I have a great Indian cookbook!


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