Day 24 – Unplugged

Today marks my first completely reader inspired green challenge!  I love that, because I’m just not creative enough to come up with 365 ideas all on my own.  A friend challenged me to unplug all my appliances when they’re not in use, as they drain power even when they’re not on.  Safe to assume she wasn’t including the fridge when she made the suggestion…

I think it’s a great idea.  I’m going to amend it slightly, and include putting a bunch of my stuff on power cords that can be turned on and off.   Mostly because I don’t have enough space to allow outlets to be accessible.  And while I don’t currently have a TV, I can implement this for my toaster oven, laptops, phone chargers, modem … and baby monitor!  Those are the only things I can think… anything I’m missing?  Do lamps draw power when they’re not on?  I don’t have a microwave, and I need to keep the stove plugged in or I wouldn’t know what time it was!

This is a short post as I’m off to ferret out some power cords, and rearrange my plugs.  Wish me luck!


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