Day 26 – Lights on, lights off…

No, I’m not buying a clapper.  Remember that add “lights on, lights off, the clapper”.  Good times.

This post is, however, about lights.  I am really bad at turning lights off.  It’s probably one of my greater green sins, other than I think I drive too much.  My hubby is forever pestering me to shut lights off as I leave the room.  Partially I’m forgetful, but mostly I subconsciously think it’s such a tiny amount of electricity, can it really make a difference?  The simple answer is of course it can.  Every pebble makes a ripple… But if you need more evidence, get your self an electricity meter, and watch the difference in how much electricity you’re paying for when you leave a few lights on.  Might change your mind.

So my pledge for today is not only to turn out every light every time I leave a room, but also to reduce how many I use.  If it’s daylight, I likely don’t need the task lighting over my counter and the overhead kitchen light.  Do I need the bathroom lights on to take a shower in the morning?  Not only will this green resolution help conserve energy, it will also give my husband when less thing to nag me about!


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