Day 27 – Food week begins. With beer.

First off, a quick review of my resolutions of the last week…

  • Walkability – Well, I haven’t bought a house that ISN’T in a walkable neighbourhood yet, so I guess I’m doing well on this one.  Wish I could say I had bought in a walkable area, but that would require the Guelph housing market to awake from its summer slumber… Sigh.
  • New car smell – One week in, car is still clean as a whistle.  Except for a few crumbs.  And maybe one tea stain.  But otherwise, great!
  • Unplugged – Rocking this one.  Laptops and phone chargers are unplugged every night, toaster oven and kettle after every use.
  • Making my tea at home (time saver post) – 99% on this one.  Did it every day, except today.  Totally forgot my tea before we headed out on our day long road trip and hike, so I caved and bought Timmie’s.  Eek.  No one would have enjoyed the day had I gone caffeine free, trust me.
  • Lights on, lights off – Doing very well on this one.  Typing this blog with only one lamp on in the whole house.

Okay, on to food week.  The topic for this week of blogs was inspired partly by yesterday being Food Day Canada (, but also because many of the things I’d like to blog about are food related.  There are so many ways to “green-ify” our food and drink habits – tea, coffee, beer, wine, meat, dairy, produce, chocolate… The list is endless.  This week, I’ll be posting about some of my favourite food and drink habits, and talking about ways to make them more green.

Today, I’ll start with a green pledge that is appropriate to the long weekend: beer.  I pledge to drink only Ontario beer for the next year.  Fortunately I’m a big Mill Street fan, but unfortunately I also just bought a case of Granville Island Brewery wheat beer.  I think it’s reasonable to finish that case, right?  It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly to throw out good beer!  So I’ll be a hardcore, Ontario-only beer drinker, after I finish my last two GIB’s.  And with that, I’m off to have a beer!  For the good of the planet, you know…


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