Day 28 – Cheese!

I had a debate a few years ago with a friend about the merits of organic milk.  She grew up on a dairy farm, so is quite knowledgeable.  She cited that Canada does not allow growth hormone, and that any animals that are treated with antibiotics are removed from the milking cycle.  These were compelling arguments, but the matter wasn’t resolved in my mind.  So I put the question to the good folks at Organic Meadow, whose products I have bought for years.  They posted a great response on Facebook, and also directed me to their website, which lays out the reasons for eating and drinking organic products in a straightforward and compelling manner.  There are a host of reasons, but for me it was about generally supporting organic principles, local farms, and being sure of ethical treatment of animals.    I’d encourage you to have a look at Organic Meadow’s website, and decide for yourself:

I have been an intermittent buyer of organic dairy products over the years, depending mostly on availability and cost.  But from this point forward, I will consistently buy only organic milk, cheese, and yogurt for my family.  The cheese is the biggest change, as we eat a lot of it and I find it to be one of the pricier organic dairy product.  But the immediate cost up front is far outweighed by the environmental and health benefits long-term.  And besides, it’s SO MUCH tastier! 🙂


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