Day 30 – Yesterday’s dinner

My hubby pointed out that my last few blogs have been all about going without – no beer from outside Ontario, no chocolate that isn’t Fair Trade.  His concern, and he is right (it happens), is that I have 335 more days of green resolutions, and if I keep up in this fashion, I’ll be living (and eating) in a fairly limited manner.  Fair point.  I think he may be motivated by a fear that I will also limit his eating choices, but I digress.  In a nod to his logic, today’s post is about eating more, not less.

Keeping in the spirit of food week, I’ve been thinking more about my food choices.  How it’s grown, where it comes from, how it gets to me.  And as I think about the sources of my food, I also end up thinking about where my food ends up.  Too often we let food go bad – I’m totally guilty of this.  Leftovers are rarely appealing.  You think you’ll eat the rest of that salad tomorrow, but wilted lettuce just isn’t appetizing.   But it’s easier and less guilt-inducing to stick it in the fridge and forget about it.  Until Wednesday, when I clean out the fridge in advance of garbage (and compost) day.

But as I become more aware of where my food comes from, and in many cases meet the farmer’s who grew it (or at least helped harvest it), I’m less inclined to let that food go bad.  While  I might not want to polish off the last few mouthfuls of green beans, I picture the guy who sold them to me, and all the work that went into growing them, and I scarf them down.

So I’m turning over a new leaf.  I promise to eat my leftovers before they go bad.  Aside from reducing food waste, this will also save me time on garbage day, as I shouldn’t have to clean out the fridge.  Except for the few errant potatoes that always roll to the back of the drawer, or the salad dressing that you could swear you just bought last month…

As I type this, I realize there is a burger in the fridge that we BBQ’s on Sunday.  Three days, right?  Guess that means I’m eating it tonight… Sigh.  Nothing like a late night cold burger patty!  Perhaps this pledge should have waited until tomorrow…


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