Day 31 & 32 – Raspberries, blueberries and peaches, oh my!

I got a lot of great feedback on my day 30 post about meal planning and leftovers.  Seems this topic is close to home for a lot of folks.  It seems like an easy thing – sitting down and planning out your meals for the week, but in reality it takes time, creativity and energy, which can be in short supply for many of us.  I heard a great suggestion once of creating a series of one-week meal plans (say, 4 of them) and just re-using them over and over.  Maybe not as exciting, but way less time involved.  I tried this half heartedly once, but haven’t stuck to it yet.  I find my weeks just aren’t predictable enough.  Maybe once my daughter is in daycare and I’m back to work full-time, we’ll settle into more of a routine.  I’ll keep you posted on my meal planning efforts.

In a really perfect world, I would be organized enough with my meal planning to be able to buy all my produce at a weekly farmer’s market.  It’s so great to support small farms and farmers, and, as I mentioned in my last post, get to know the person who grows your food.  I’m lucky in my neighbourhood to have a farmer’s market within a very short walk (less than 5 minutes), and two others only a few kilometres.  If you’re a fellow Riverdale or Danforth resident, check out these great markets:

In addition to Farmer’s Markets, I’ve also done the organic produce delivery option.  I always suspend my account in the summer, when local produce is abundant at markets, but I have enjoyed having it through the winter.  I admit that I opt for the customizable option and often get out of season produce, because I just don’t find that I’m a dedicated or creative enough cook to stick to in season all year-long.

When we move to Guelph, I’d like to continue my trend of shopping for in season produce in the spring-summer-fall at the farmer’s market, but I also plan to supplement my produce year round by supporting Community-Supported Agriculture.  If you’re not familiar with CSA’s, check out this article that was sent to me over twitter recently:

Moving on to how all of this becomes a green pledge… Or, in this case, two green pledges.  Yes, for those of you following closely, I skipped a post yesterday.  It was a travel day for us, and I was too zonked to string two words together.  So pledge number one is to continue to support local farming by shopping at farmer’s market throughout the spring and summer, and beyond when I can.  Pledge number two is to support a CSA.  Realistically, this will have to wait a few months until we settle into a house in Guelph.  But it lined up nicely with food week, so I’ll make the pledge now and realize it when I can.

Today’s farmer’s market find was fresh local raspberries and wild blueberries – I’m off to enjoy some over Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream!  Yum!


One thought on “Day 31 & 32 – Raspberries, blueberries and peaches, oh my!

  1. Check out Whole Circle Farm CSA. We’ve been members for many years. They are organic and biodynamic farmers and really nice young people. And of course the veggies are fabulous – year round!


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