Day 33 – SPORK!

No matter how good we try to be at meal planning and bringing leftovers to work, there are inevitably days that we’re stuck at work with no lunch.  Or heading to an evening commitment with no dinner.  It happens to me all too often – I could never pledge to give up eating out!  And inevitably, that take out meal involves more garbage than we’d like – disposable plates, napkins, cutlery, and cup.  And while one could in theory carry tupperware everywhere, few of us are willing to dedicate the purse space.  So instead, I’m suggesting bringing your own cutlery.  I have to give my partner credit on this one, as he originated the idea.  He started carrying a “spork” in his bag – a spoon/fork combo that accommodates most last-minute meals.  So, inspired by this practice, I am pledging to eliminate disposable cutlery from my eating-out habits.  I have bought a few sporks, and have one in my purse and one stashed in my daughter’s diaper bag.  Bring on the Thai noodle bowls for lunch!



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