Day 36 – Throwing out my old mascara

A couple of years ago I met a make-up artist who specializes in organic and natural make-up (  She introduced me to a ton of great make-up products that are greener, healthier choices.  My favourite is a daily sunscreen/moisturizer from Devita.  I also use a natural moisturizer and tinted lip balm.  The only products I haven’t switched yet are my eyeshadow and my mascara.  For ages I’ve used a CoverGirl mascara, because I’ve never found a natural mascara that doesn’t run or flake all over my cheeks.  However, and again thanks to Margot, I’ve finally found one that works!  Check out Zuzu mascara (I got mine at the Big Carrot on the Danforth).

So as today’s green pledge, I’m throwing out my old scary chemical-based mascara.  It was probably due to go anyway – aren’t you supposed to rotate cosmetics every 6 months anyway?  Does anyone actually do that? I’m committed to using only natural mascara for the rest of the year – and probably beyond!  It may mean I’ll be a bit streakier at weddings, because this new mascara isn’t waterproof, but I can deal with that.

If you’d like to no more about your make-up products and how safe their ingredients, check out this great website It’s got a ton of products listed by name or ingredient, so you can check our your favourite products.


One thought on “Day 36 – Throwing out my old mascara

  1. Hi April. I try to limit the amount of make-up I wear in general, but when I do wear some, I have been using Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara. Have had blepharitis years ago, I find that since I am very sensitive to most mascara. To the point that it stings when I put it on and then burns, and within a short time my eyelids turn red…not the look I was really going for. I do find however, that I can wear Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara without any problems.

    I tried to look it up on one of your links to see it’s green rating but could not find it. So can’t say to what extent it meets your green standards. The products does say 100% natural on it.


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