Day 37-39: No more idling, and cloth diapers for our camping trip.

Wednesday night I had the rare treat of being alone in my house with no child or dog to look after.  With no time commitments or work that urgently needed doing, I had an entire evening to do whatever I pleased.  It was lovely!

However, it seems I got caught up in the joy of no responsibilities, and completely forgot about my daily blog.  Oops.  Normally, I would have made it up the following night, but last night I was at a phenomenal concert – the Jim Cuddy Trio played at the Haliburton Forest’s Bone Lake amphitheatre.  Needless to say, I was pretty done by the time I got home, so the blog got neglected yet again!  I seem to be doing better at keeping up with my pledges, than I am with blogging every day…

Anyway, today’s blog will have three green resolutions to make up for my errant ways.  The first two have to do with my car.  These came to me as a result of two driving-heavy days (Minden to Toronto and back).

The first is about idling.  I don’t idle, and people who do are amongst my top five pet peeves.  However, I realized that I do “accidentally” idle every time I turn on my car.  I’m sure you do it too… The first thing I do when I get in the car is turn the ignition.  It’s habit.   Then I put on my seatbelt, fire up my GPS unit, plug in my phone, turn on the radio, hand my kid her sippy cup and a toy, etc.. etc… While it’s good that I do all this before I start actually driving, it means there are a few minutes every time I drive, where I’m idling!  And while letting your car warm up in the deep freeze of a Canadian winter might be good practice, it’s certainly not necessary year round.  So pledge one is to do all those extra things before I turn on the car, thereby reducing emissions.

The second pledge relates to the air conditioning.  I love my A/C in the car.  Funny, because I haven’t had central A/C in a house in over ten years, and I’ve used my portable unit for less than 3 weeks in total in the last two years.  However, there is something about being sweaty while driving… Yes, I can open the windows, but I don’t love the wind and noise on the highway.  So I crank up the A/C a lot when I drive.  But I’m going to stop doing that… not entirely, because I draw the line at showing up for work meetings smelling like a sweat sock.  That’s a nice visual, eh?  So while I’m still going to use it from time to time on the way to work, and likely when I’m on long road trips on the highway with my kid, I promise to stop using at as a default, and to go with windows more often than not.

Okay, so that’s two pledges about my car.  Now moving on to what I’ve been up to today – I’ve been doing the food prep and packing for our canoe trip this weekend.    We’re taking our 18 month old for her first overnight in the woods!
It’s so easy when packing for camping to use a lot of disposable plastic stuff.  Toiletries, snacks, food, any little items – all into ziploc bags and other plastic bags.  But for this trip, I’m pledging to not use plastic bags.  I’ve put our food in reusable sandwich bags and tupperware (we’re not portaging, so weight isn’t an issue), and our little items in mesh or stuff sacks.  Also, I’m taking cloth diapers instead of reusable.  Quite frankly, I think that will be easier!  I’d rather empty diapers into the thunder box and rinse them out, then have to pack a bunch of dirty diapers out with me!
 On that note, I have some pasta to cook and eggs to hard boil… then I have to find reusable containers to put them in.  Have a great weekend – I won’ t be blogging tomorrow night as we’ll be in the woods, but I’ll report back on the trip on Sunday!

One thought on “Day 37-39: No more idling, and cloth diapers for our camping trip.

  1. I thought you were supposed to use less fuel by closing windows and using A/C on highways (decreased dragby closing windows?). Have fun on your camping trip – I’ll look forward to reading how it went!


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