Day 40 & 41 – Cuz she peed in the woods…

We are freshly home from our first camping trip with our 18-month old daughter.  Well, really we’re not fresh at all… what with the smell of campfire smoke…

It was a great trip.  We went with friends who have a little guy the same age, and both kids had a blast.  Paddling, swimming, exploring, eating pinecones… and best of all for the adults, they both slept well!  This allowed us some grown up time, which we of course used to make s’mores around the campfire.  Mmmm…. s’mores…. I have to give a shout out to our camping companions, who did all the food prep.  Dinner was marinated Miami ribs, corn on the cob, and sauteed veggies.  It was by far the best camping dinner I have ever had.

On a green note, I stuck to my resolution not to use a ton of ziploc bags for the trip.  For the most part I used re-usable sandwich bags and tupperware, and where plastic was necessary, I re-used.  And much to my own surprise, I was able to get away with cloth diaper wipes the whole trip, and cloth diapers for the most part.  It was actually way easier to dump dirty diaper contents into the privy box, and not have to carry them home “full”.  And my almost-toilet-trained kid delighted in peeing and pooping in the woods – she squats like a pro!

As a congratulations to myself for putting in the extra work to go extra no-trace camping, I’m not going do two resolutions for this blog entry, even though I didn’t do a post last night.  Turns out I could have, because we had reception the whole trip, but who wants to be that person using their phone at the campfire?

However, all of this talk of peeing has inspired today’s resolution.  I’m going to embrace the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule.  For those of you haven’t seen these kitschy signs on a cottage bathroom wall, this means not flushing every time you go No. 1, with the obvious advantage of cutting down on water use.  I resolve to do this at home, and at the homes of friends or family who support this rule.  I promise to flush at your house if you prefer, and of course at restaurants.  Cuz that’s gross.

So if you’re coming to visit me, don’t be offended if it isn’t a clean bowl.  It’s just us doing our share to save the planet.  And saving 0.4 seconds every time we use the bathroom.  Bonus.


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