Day 42 – Moving begins…

We are moving this weekend… not the “big” move, as we haven’t found a house yet.  We are moving into a short-term rental in the lovely town of Fergus.  And it’s furnished, so we’re leaving the majority of our stuff in storage in Toronto.  So while the move itself should be less painful, there is still the matter of the packing… I’m especially looking forward to packing the dishes… yuck.

And because toddlers aren’t especially helpful when you’re packing your grandmother’s china, I’ll be doing all of this in the evenings after she’s in bed.  Which means my blog posts are going to be uber-short.  Like this one for instance.  I promise not to use any styrofoam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap – in this move, or the next one.  It will be all newspaper and other soft stuff like towels and blankets.  Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Day 42 – Moving begins…

  1. I had an old fleece blanket that I wasn’t going to keep anymore, and I cut it into 1′ squares and used the squares as padding between dishes when packing.


  2. Why limit packing cushion to towels & blankets? I have also used clothes to pack breakables. Socks can be perfect for protecting smaller items…and it also takes care of your clothes packing.


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