Day 44 & 45

Packing is not fun.  Moving is not fun.  While I know it will be worth it on the other end, I am in the midst of boxes, piles, bags, messes… general chaos.  Oh, and a broken faucet.  Nothing like having to fix something you won’t ever use again! Sigh.  The last few days have required indulging in a few of my green pledges – beer last night (Ontario), chocolate the night before (fair trade).  It’s nice when these treats are guilt-free because they’re green! Okay, so they aren’t good for me… but I’m only human!

Last night I packed up our cleaning supplies.  Initially I was going to put them all in storage (we’re moving to a short-term, furnished rental until we find a house), but then I decided to take some with me.  Vinegar and water for glass, natural toilet bowl cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, and all purpose cleaner.  I use mostly 7th Generation, as well as Nature Clean products.  And while our new place supplies cleaning products, I can’t be sure of the brand, so I’m toting mine along with me.

So today’s pledges have to do with green habits I already have.  First is to use natural cleaning products, and second is to use homemade products wherever possible (vinegar, baking soda, borax, etc…).  Now if only I could find a way to get the tomato sauce stain out of my brand new white t-shirt… suggestions, anyone?


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