Day 46 – I’m getting rid of all of it. Okay, not really.

It’s 9:50pm, and I’ve been packing boxes since 2.  Good news is it’s mostly done!  Bad news is there are at least 6 boxes-worth of bits left around the house, and only three boxes left in my living room… calling for a No Frills run in the morning.

The scarier part is going to be fitting all of this stuff into our storage unit. I am constantly amazed at how much stuff we have, despite our regular efforts to purge.   You’re focusing on the furniture and boxes and odds and ends in the house, only to forget that you have a shed with a lawnmower, 3 bikes and snow tires!  Yikes.

So my green pledge tonight is to not give in to the urge to sell all of my belongings to the highest bidder, and buy all new stuff when we finally find a house.  It’s tempting.  And right now, I think it might be easier than figuring out how to pack my iron, two glass vases, a handful of mason jars, and assorted kid toys, into one box.  I also promise that, once we do move into our next house, which will hopefully be larger than our current space, that I will resist the urge to fill it with even more stuff.  I will rely on you, friends and followers, to keep me honest on that one!


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