Day 47

Packing is done.  Moving stuff to the storage unit is done.  All that remains is moving our remaining belongings to our short-term condo rental.  Which in theory shouldn’t be much, given that it’s furnished, but we’re still taking a cargo-van full.  Note to self: own less stuff.

It’s been a super long and tiring day lugging things back and forth between the house, the van, and the storage unit.  There was an episode involving the elevator at the storage unit that resulted in a one hour delay and two very cranky people.  But we have survived.   And while I’m beat, I did have a thought earlier today that can be translated into a green resolution.  As I packed FIVE toothbrushes (actively in use) for our family of three, then packed EIGHT more still in their packages (my hubby likes to stock up…), it occurred to me that this might be an unnecessary use of plastic.  So I’m switching to a reusable brush.  You know, where you take the little brush part off, and reuse the handle.  Hoping to pick one up tomorrow, but won’t start using it until my current one runs out.  Or my kid drops it in the toilet.  Which could really be anytime.

With that, I’m off to brush my teeth…G’nite!


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