Day 48 & 49 – Soap and cookies

Last week I was so busy basking in the glow of our camping trip, I completely missed that it was Sunday, and should have been a “week in review” post. To make up for that, I’ll do a quick glance back over the last two weeks.  With the busy-ness of packing and moving, my pledges have been far from monumental, so it shouldn’t be too tough.

  • Giving different kinds of gifts: This went well in August!  Mom loved her antique sewing machine, and I did the gift certificate for my Sis.  Next up is my Dad’s b-day, and my 5-year anniversary with my hubby.  I have some time to come up with creative ideas – suggestions welcome!
  • Throwing out my old mascara: Done and done.  Happy user of natural mascara, and have gotten some suggestions for new brands.  Physicians Formula Organic seems to be a popular one, so I’ll check that one out.
  • No more idling: Took a few tries to get in the habit, but this is just second nature now.
  • A/C – Definitely doing well on driving about town.  Relying on the windows more, and the A/C less.
  • Natural camping: Report on this one in the blog, so no need to repeat myself.
  • Let it yellow: Yup, doin’ it.  Not sure the hubby loves it, but doing it anyway.
  • Plastic-free move: Thanks to all the great suggestions I had from readers, moving without plastic was easy!  Used clothes, blankets and towels to pack breakables, adding newspaper where needed.
  • Stephen Harper:  Haven’t voted for him.  Haven’t shaken his hand.  Nuff said.
  • Cleaning products: I moved a bunch of my natural cleaning products and ingredients with me, and have already packed away all the chemical ones that came with our furnished condo.  Check.
  • Selling my stuff: Ya, I was kidding.  I didn’t sell anything.  Did put some things on the front lawn… So if you need really old cross-country skis and live in Riverdale, stroll by my old house.
  • Toothbrush: Oops, haven’t done this yet… Got lost in the chaos of the move.  Just added it to my shopping list.

For today’s resolution, I’m going to switch to natural hand soap – and not anti-bacterial!  There are good bacteria on my hands, and I’d like to keep them there.  Picked up two bottles of reusable Green Beaver brand soap today.

Second resolution (skipped yesterday… was zombie-esque tired from moving…) is to be a good neighbour.  The green benefit of this may not be immediately obvious, but I think I can make the link… It’s environmentally friendly to live in a smaller footprint and higher density.  However, this means being closer to your neighbours, and sacrificing some privacy.  In my case, this means living across the hall from an elderly couple who don’t like my dog and aren’t sure about my kid.  And instead of revving up for a fight, I’m going to try a new approach – I’m putting my best neighbour foot forward and bringing them (and my other 2 neighbours) welcome gifts.  And in keeping with my previous pledge, instead of buying unnecessary stuff, I’m baking cookies!  I don’t have overly high hopes, because if my adorable dog and even more adorable kid can’t win you over, I don’t know that oatmeal raisin cookies are gonna do it… But it’s worth a shot!

And with that, I’m back to my baking.  Three batches done, two to go…


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