Day 50 – Green pits

Yup, I’m talking about armpits.  And I’m greening mine.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving up shaving!  Just changing my deodorant.  While I reserve the right to break out the Dove for those days where humidity meets important business meeting, I will use a natural stick the rest of the time.  I’ve tried out different brands over the year, and the one that works best for me consistently is Aubrey Organics “E plus high C”.  Weird name, but it works.  The downside is you have to re-apply a couple of times a day, but keeping one at work makes this no big deal.  If you’re going to make the switch, I’d recommend finding a health food store that will let you return a new brand if it’s not working for you, so you’re not committed to something that leaves you stinky. 🙂

Happy sweating!


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