Day 51 – The upsides to condo life in Fergus

For a week that suppose to be “vacation”, it’s been anything  but relaxing.  Granted, I knew I would spend much of the week unpacking, but little did I know I would also spend it hanging out with a super cranky toddler.  First we thought it was just transition stress, then teething (molars), then finally figured it was a gastro bug.  Accompanied by moving stress.  And maybe teething.  Sigh.  Needless to say, the week has not been as productive as I would have liked, but we have almost all of the boxes unpacked.  Don’t be too impressed – we moved into a furnished place (temporarily), so unpacking should have been as simple as putting away clothes.  A week later, we’re still trying to find a home for toddler toys, bike panniers, camera gear, etc… etc… A work in progress, to say the least.

And while my mind has been pre-occupied with trying to make life easier for my poor sick monkey, I have been reflecting on a few green-related things about our new home.  First off, there is something to be said for living in a smaller space, and with less stuff.  For the most part, there is a place to put everything, and all of those things are within easy reach.  It’s easier to do things like laundry and cooking, when the kitchen and laundry room are near each other, and within shouting distance of your toddler’s play space.  While I can’t say I’d be content with this little space, or this few belongings, for long, I can certainly see the upside.  I imagine I’ll be doing yet another cull when we finally get the rest of our life out of storage.

I’m also really liking the small town thing.  It’s totally new for me, as I’ve been a Toronto kid my whole life.  Except for University (Guelph), and a few dull years in Barrie, I’ve always lived in a big city.  And I was nervous about moving to a place with a population of less than 20,000.  Not to mention we’re in a condo on the south edge of town.  But it turns out that even the edge of town is within easy walking distance of everything we need!  Downtown is 750m away, and the commercial stretch (Zehrs, Canadian Tire) is even closer.  There’s a small forested area behind our condo that is great for dog walks, and it opens into a sports field with a playground for my kid.  Pretty sweet, I gotta say.  There are downsides. I haven’t met anyone under 75 in my building yet… though I hear the games night in the lounge has some mean dominos competitions!

How does all of this translate into a green resolution?  Good question… I’ve already committed to walkability in a past pledge, so promising to walk to grocery stores probably isn’t going to cut it.  And any pledges I would make about getting rid of belongings when we move would be far from timely, given that we haven’t even found a house yet (I keep staring at MLS… and yet no listings appear…).

So while this many not seem immediately related, I’m going to sign up for a Guelph/Fergus/K-W Freecycle listing.  I was a member in Toronto for a while, but I never kept up with it.  I’m hoping that here it might be more manageable.  This will be a way of getting the odds and ends I need (a toddler chair, for example), without buying new.  It will also be a mechanism for getting rid of “stuff” once we move and unpack our much larger collection of belongings.  And the first item to go will be half of my hubby’s t-shirts, because after unpacking them today, I’m thinking there’s no way he needs that many… He won’t notice, right?


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