Day 53 – Why I’m bringing my garbage to your house

I had forgotten that apartment and condo buildings don’t run on the municipal waste system.  It was a harsh reminder when I toted my huge bag of recyclables down to the garbage bin, to find that the blue bin options were “cans and bottle” or “paper”.  So back upstairs I went toting all my plastic recyclables.  Likewise, the first time I had to throw food in the garbage bag… eek!

However, I have devised a solution.  My good friend lives in Guelph, a city with a great reputation for waste management.  On top of the municipal food waste processing, she has a compost in her yard.  So I will regularly be toting bags of recycling and stinky food scraps to her house.  Before you are too impressed by my dedication, I should add that I will be using her home office space as my home office space for the next three months, the duration of my stay in the condo.  So it’s not like I’ll have to take a special trip.  However, I do have to figure how to get my kid, my dog, my briefcase/laptop, and two bags of waste down the elevator and into my car.  Perhaps some sort of garbage saddle bag for the dog?

In the meantime, if you invite me over to your house, don’t be surprised if I bring moldy vegetable peels and tea bags instead of a housewarming gift…


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