Day 55 & 56 – Getting off of my lazy butt

I am a pretty sedentary person.  You might not think this of me, but it’s true.  While I walk a lot, that’s really the extent of my exercise.  Two or three times a year I dust off my running shoes, and maybe once a month I break out a yoga DVD.  And yes, I run after a toddler all day long, but if that were really exercise there wouldn’t be an overweight parent in the world.  And while I can thank genetics for my blessedly fast metabolism, I still have the cardio endurance of a sloth.

I’d love to resolve to go running three times a week or something similarly ambitious, but I am trying to be realistic and balanced in my pledges, in the hopes of actually keeping them.  So I’m going to pledge to exercise twice a week.   And that exercise includes everything – running, workout, yoga, it all counts.  That’s what, an hour a week?  Hopefully I can stick to that!

And while the green connection might not be as obvious as say, recycling, I think it’s a pretty strong case.  If we were all healthier, then we wouldn’t need such an expensive and resource-heavy health care system.  Which in turn would free up more funds for smaller ministries, like, say, the environment!  And of course there’s all that good stuff about wellness, active lifestyles, healthy communities, etc… It’s all connected.  Six degrees of Kevin Bacon and whatnot.

So I’m off to our condo’s workout room to try out a treadmill.  I have never been on a treadmill in my life.  Never worked out a gym either.  Unless you count physiotherapy for my dislocated knee when I was 12.  Which I don’t.  So this will be a learning curve!

Oh, and in case you’re counting, I was supposed to do two resolutions today because I didn’t post last night.  So my second is that I am going to fold and put away my clothes after I use them (the clean ones, clearly).  For those who know me well, you’ll know this is almost as big a commitment as exercising. 🙂  But it will cut down on unnecessary laundry, because I’ll know that crumpled pile on the floor is, in fact, all dirty clothes.


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