Day 57 – An impromptu hiatus

For those who read my blog daily, or even near daily, you may have noticed that I took a little impromptu hiatus.  My apologies for this, but it’s been a bit of a week… First off, my daughter started daycare for the first time.  And while many might say that would be enough reason for an anxious week, it actually wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  It did throw her sleep all to heck, which is never helpful.  But she seems to having a great time with her teachers – when I picked her up on Friday she was dancing around the room with a purple tulle cloth on her head, shaking a maraca.  Nice.  In addition, I’ve had some.. changes at work.  I’ll leave it at that right now, because it’s all still in progress, but suffice to say my professional world might look different in the coming months.  And suffice to say it also cost me some sleep.

In light of the upheaval in my world, I didn’t have the mental focus for the blog.  But I’m back!  And other than not finding a minute to workout since Monday, I’ve actually kept up all my green pledges!  I’m not going to bother with doing 5 pledges all at once, I’m just going to extend my “year of green pledges” by a few days at the end.  Which may come back to bite me, as I’m sure I’ll be incredibly desperate for green ideas at that point!

For today’s post, I’m going to make a pledge related to my work.  I’m pledging to extend the focus of my work, beyond my comfort zone of stewardship and land conservation.  I’m hoping to learn more about the work of organizations focusing on other areas of the environment, as well as those focusing on social justice, community development, equity, etc… I’m hoping this will not help me be better at what I do, but also in turn allow me to make a greater contribution to improving the planet and our communities.  Who knows, maybe it will end up being worth a week of pledges. 🙂


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