Day 58 – Embracing my Martha…

Our old house had clothes moths.  I think.  Either we had freaky, organized clothes moths, or my partner was secretly poking tiny holes in the same spot in all my shirts.  Seriously, at least a dozen of my cotton shirts had 3-6 small holes on the front, just above the seam, right in the middle.  I couldn’t figure it out – a snag from the washer?  A sharp edge on one of my belts?  The only reasonable thing I could think of was moths, but that never did explain why there were only in the one place.  Any theories?

Regardless, the end result is a lot of shirts with holes in the them.  And while some of them are bumming around the house shirts, a bunch of them are ones I actually like and would wear in public.  I tried having some of them mended by a tailor, but he put this weird stiff patch on them that just made it look worse.  Like when your Mom patched your favourite jeans with those tacky, dark blue, fake denim patches.  I’ve given a few away, but last week I put on one of my favourite new-ish white shirts, only to find the same holes in it.  I’m  assuming for sake of my sanity that it happened at our old place and I didn’t notice.  I can’t handle the idea that these manic moths might have followed us.

The point is I love that shirt.  And there are 3 or 4 others in my closet that are equally prized and similarly damaged.  So I will be sewing (catch the pun? huh?).  I haven’t a clue how to mend holes, I’ve only ever stitched hems.  But it can’t be that hard, right?  Caroline did it all the time on Little House… My motivation is partially environmental, partially economic.  And partially a pure stubborn streak to beat these damn moths.

Today’s green pledge is to resist the urge to dispose of clothes that are mildly damaged, stained or otherwise less than perfect, and instead try to salvage with home remedies for stains, needle and thread, or creative arrangements of scarves and sweaters.  Now if only I could find a mending kit…


2 thoughts on “Day 58 – Embracing my Martha…

  1. Augh! Horrible! How about some artistic embroidery?
    Try pheromone moth traps – they are fantastic!
    NB – there are two kinds – one for clothing moths and one for food moths. I kind of wonder if it is moths, though – they are not supposed to go for cotton. BUT if it is moths, the other tip I can offer is from a friend of mine who was a clothing conservateur at the ROM – she says they aren’t actually after the fibre of the fabric, they are going after minute amounts of edible “dirt” on the fabric. The take-home message was to wash clothes before storing… But this also makes me think it isn’t moths!


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