Day 59 – No more paper bills

I recently shelled out a bunch of money to the good people at Canada Post to redirect my mail when I moved.  They were kind enough to send me a bunch of coupons for home improvements stores in return.  Less than useful, given that I’m renting a furnished place… not to mention a big waste of paper.  That got me to thinking about the many bills, cheques and other forms of mail that I still get on paper.  I’ve gone paperless with a few, but there are a lot more I just haven’t bothered with.  I’m going to rectify that, and convert all remaining paper bills to e-bills.  With the exception magazines (I have a bit of a weakness), that should dramatically cut down on the amount of mail I get.  Who knows, maybe I can even skip paying for the mail forwarding service on our next move?  Which will hopefully be soon…!


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