Day 60 – New shoes

In one of my earlier posts I pledges to do my best not to buy new clothes.  Or at least to source out second-hand clothes before buying new.  I’m going to break this pledge, or at least make an exception.  I need new shoes.  And shoes are something I generally don’t buy second-hand.  Not because of any ick-factor.  My feet are no better than yours.  But because I feel that shoes are typically something you don’t get rid of when they’re still in good condition, so it’s not worth the effort of scouring second-hand stores.  There are exceptions, and I’m willing to be an opportunistic thrift store shoe shopper, but I don’t have the patience to visit store after store in search of something specific.  And in this case, I’m in need of some pretty basic brown shoes for work.  Any suggestions on places to go?  I’d love a “Matt and Nat” (they make purses and wallets from vegan “leather”) equivalent for shoes.

In the absence of an immediate answer on the shoe source, I will instead pledge to buy flats instead of heels.  Aside from being more comfortable and generally better for my posture/spine/feet/etc…, flats use less material than heels, so are more environmentally friendly.

Come on, you know at some point in 365 days I was going to make a green resolution that was less than earth shattering.  I kind of thought I might wait until I’d hit the 100 mark at least, but apparently my creativity has hit a wall at 60… So, dear readers, please feel free to send through some suggestions! In the meantime, I’m going shoe shopping for some awesome, and new, brown flats!


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