Day 61 – What’s for dinner?

I have finally gotten around to finding a decent meal planning app – Food Planner.  It’s not perfect, and I was amazed there weren’t more apps available on Android.  But it works.  It allows me to easily upload recipes from over a dozen recipe websites, turns them into itemized grocery lists and recipes, and lets you create daily and weekly meal plans that you can easily change if your plans change.  The only downside  is that I use Remember the Milk for my grocery list, so currently I’m typing a new list into RTM from Food Planner.  As I play with the grocery list option in Food Planner, I may just switch over to it completely.  But I can share a list with my partner on RTM, which is a really handy feature.  No more telling me we’re out of milk, you can put it on the list yourself!  And we don’t each come home with two loaves of bread, because we can check things off the list and it uploads instantly.

The green upside?  I’m much more strategic when I’m grocery shopping, so there will be a lot less food waste.  Instead of buying a bunch of veggies that I think I’ll use, and then watching them slowly spoil, this allows me to only buy what I need.  And easily.  With almost no time spent planning.  Sweet.  Oh, and it saves brain energy standing in the grocery store thinking “what should I make for dinner tonight”.  I might almost start to (gasp) enjoy dinner time again!


2 thoughts on “Day 61 – What’s for dinner?

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