Day 62-64: Horses, goats and chickens, oh my!

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend!  We welcomed by parents back from their vacation to Italy, visited our local fall fair, attended a family function, and saw some potential houses.  All with a sick kid in tow.  Goodness.

One of the highlights for me was the Fergus Fall Fair.  It’s the 167th annual, which in and of itself is impressive!  We were there early on Saturday before everything was completely set up, but we still got to see horses and cows being prepped for show, a great kid-friendly agriculture display, a petting zoo, and a miniature version of a tractor pull!  I’m sure my 19-month old would have enjoyed it more if she’s been in peak condition, but even with a cold she loved the cows and goats, and had a blast playing with “real” kid-sized tractors and trucks.  It also inspired one of my green pledges for the weekend, which is to make sure my kid stays connected to where her food comes from.  I don’t ever want her to be that kid who goes “Eww” at the idea that milk comes from cows.  I want her to understand where meat, and dairy products, and even her vegetables come from.  There are a bunch of ways I can see to do this, from taking her to pick-your-own farms, buying from on-farm markets, eating locally and in-season, and generally exposing her to rural and agricultural culture.  And while I’m inundating her with messages about the importance of conserving wetlands, forests and other wild places, I’ll be sure to also remind her that for us to eat locally produced foods, there need to be local places to grow food.  Farmland preservation is an important issue in Southern Ontario, and one I want her to understand.

For my other two weekend pledges, I thought I’d aim for some more measurable targets.  One is to start using only cloth napkins at home.  I used to do this, but when we moved into our furnished place, it came with an extensive supply of paper towels, and I got lazy.  Also, my cloth napkins are in storage… so I’ll either splurge on some new ones, or maybe get creative and figure out how to make my own.  Without a sewing machine.  Sigh. This will all get so much easier when I get my stuff back!

And last but not least, I’m going to switch to a natural toothpaste.  This is actually a big one for me, because I hate the taste of most natural toothpaste.  but I’m sure there’s one out there that doesn’t taste like a box of baking soda?  And no, I’m not giving up fluoride.  Just the other junk they put in commercial brands.


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