Day 66 – Bad TV

If only there was a green pledge related to being addicted to a really bad comedy sitcom, that is too easy to watch endlessly because of its availability on NetFlix.  And no, I’m not going to say what show, because I at least have the decency to be embarrassed about it.  I was tempted to resolve to just give in and have a full on marathon until I finish the last season, so that I can reclaim my evenings and return to some modicum of productivity.  But I can’t come up with a remotely believable green slant to planting my butt in front of my laptop for 4 hours watching bad TV.  Believe me, I would if I could.

Instead, I’m going to continue to chip away at a couple of episodes a night, and have faith that I will come out the other side with most of my brain cells intact.

On a green note, I’m going to start asking the staff at Tim Horton’s to not put my already-wrapped sandwich in a bag.  In theory I could give up Timmie’s altogether, but as much as I’m getting better at meal planning, there are still some days I need a sandwich.  But at least I can reduce the amount of disposable wrapper it comes with.  Aw, now I’m craving a bagel and cream cheese.


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