Day 69 – 71: Getting personal

I have a cold.  Mostly had a cold, but it’s hanging around enough that I sound like a cigar smoking old man.  And it’s had me in bed by 9pm the last two nights, hence the lack of blog posts.  However, I have been green pledging my way along, even if I haven’t posted about it.

First off, I used natural remedies to manage my gross head cold.  Specifically, a tea made from pouring boiling water over a jellied mix of honey, lemon and ginger.  Super tasty, and actually helped my throat a lot when nothing else would.  Thanks FB for that tip!

Second, I am potty training my kid.  The green connection is obvious, because we won’t have to use diapers or wipes any more.  If the challenge part of it isn’t obvious, you’ve clearly never had a toddler.  My girl is barely 20 months old, and not terribly verbal, so toilet training has some interesting moments.  Today’s highlight was her squatting, bare bum to wind, over her potty, in the parking lot at the dog park.  This was made even better because it was cold out, and she had a warm coat and toque on.  Perhaps we should have done this in August?

And last, but not least, what will perhaps be my favourite green pledge of the whole darned year.  I’m going to stop shaving.  Okay, not entirely, I’m not that hard-core.  But I’m cutting back to once a week.  Okay, sometimes this will be an increase… sue me, I hate shaving.  I don’t promise to keep this up once shorts weather returns, but in the next 6-7 months of Canadian fall/winter/cold spring, I’ll add some natural furry-ness to my insulation.  And significantly cut down on the use of disposable razor heads to boot.

How was that for a pleasant blog post?  You got to hear about my gross cold, my kids toilet habits, and my hairy legs!  Tune in tomorrow for more!


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