Day 75 – Just when you thought plastic was safe…

I posted this link on my FB page earlier today, but wanted to re-post it here for anyone who reads my blog but isn’t a FB friend.

It talks about the health risks associated with plastics, even BPA free plastics.  In my mind, weight is added to this article by commentary from Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defense.  His book, Death by Plastic, is on my reading list for later this year.

I’ve always tried to avoid plastics, but with a toddler I have definitely made some exceptions.  Some of her bottles are glass, but given that she totes one around at bedtime, we also have some plastic ones.  I’ll be tossing those and only using the glass.  Similarly, she has plastic bowls, plates and sippy cups.  I’ve tried wood bowls, but find them a pain to clean.  Metal is great, but expensive.  Glass is a non-option at this stage.  So I’ll give wooden bowls another go, and maybe think about buying some small metal mixing bowls in place of fancy metal kid bowls.  As for sippy cups… she has one metal one at home, but it leaks like crazy.  So I’ll keep the plastic one for bedtime and in her crib, and maybe just make the move to real cups at meal times.  Cutlery is all metal (plastic handles, but she doesn’t chew on those).

I generally don’t use plastic tupperware for food storage, but I’ll phase out those I do have, and keep replacing them with metal and glass.  It’s not the cheaper route, but well worth the extra expense if the plastic products could be leaching estrogen mimicking chemicals into our food.  Eek.

My pledge is to reduce the amount of plastic food and drink containers we use, and I would strongly encourage you to do the same, particularly if you have little ones.  I always try to avoid being preachy in these posts, but in this case it’s out of concern for your health.


2 thoughts on “Day 75 – Just when you thought plastic was safe…

  1. Thanks for posting this April. We used a small metal Klean Canteen water bottle with the sippy cup attachment for Niko at bedtime and it never leaked, even though it was in bed with him while he fell asleep. I got it at Grassroots on the Danforth.


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