Day 76 – My new old house

To quote a friend, “when everyone says you’ll be sick all the time when your kid starts daycare, they’re not messing with you.  That s#*t is for real”.  This perfectly sums up the last two weeks of my life.  Kid got sick, I got sick, hubby got sick, I’m still sick, kid is sick again.  Sigh.  However, thanks to lots of honey, lemon, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, and, I admit, some ColdFX and Advil thrown in for good measure, I might finally be seeing the light at the end of this mucous-y tunnel.  There’s a nice metaphor.

And on a lighter note, last week we finally bought a house!  As if that weren’t exciting enough, it lives up to all the green pledges I made about my “future” house.  It’s within biking distance of my daughter’s daycare, and walking distance of downtown, groceries, parks, my daughter’s future school, AND the river!  And given that I work from home, it’s also within walking distance of my work.  It’s almost a 100 years old, has a ridiculously efficient if old furnace, and thanks to fully landscaped front and back yards, not a blade of grass to mow.  Did I mention there’s a treehouse ?  Not sure how that’s environmentally friendly, but it’s darned cool.  We’ll be doing a couple of renovations and improvements, including a bathroom reno and a new roof, so I’d welcome suggestions on eco renovation products – toilets, tubs, sinks, tile, etc…  We’re thinking steel roof as it lasts much longer than shingles… any enviro thoughts on the material?  Lots of research to do in the coming weeks.  And I’m sure the whole process will be inspiration for a bunch of new green pledges.

On that note, the first house-related green pledge is to install a dual flush toilet in our newly renovated bathroom.  The ones with two buttons, so you can flush less for #1, and more for #2.  I’ll still be following my “if it’s yellow” rule, but this will help for all those who don’t embrace that particular practice.

You know you’re getting old when you’re excited about toilet shopping…


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