Day 78 – Back on the wagon

Oops.  As my hubby would say, I lost my mojo.  Apparently writing a blog is much like being a runner – it’s addictive so long as you don’t take a break.  Once you do, it’s hard to get back on the wagon.  I took a day or two off because I had a really tiring week, and suddenly twelve days had gone by.  Twelve days!  I ask for your forgiveness, dear readers!

I actually did a bit of navel-gazing over the last week or so.  Not real navel-gazing… I haven’t done much of that since I took out my belly button ring…I mean the kind where you get all introspective and debate your next steps.  I seriously considered giving up the daily aspect of my blog. Gasp.  Are you horrified at my weak resolve, less than a third of the way though my year-long commitment?

Given that I seem to be averaging 5-6 posts per week (before the impromptu hiatus), I wondered if I should be more realistic and start posting only a few times a week, instead of every day.  But I’m very concerned that if I back off my daily promise, I will lose the motivation.  A few times a week will become twice a week, will become weekly, etc… etc… Next thing you know, blogging will become one of those things you have to do from time-to-time but don’t want to, instead of a daily routine I look forward to.

However, almost three months into this 365-day resolution, I do think it’s time to change things up a bit.  Inject some romance into our blogging relationship, if you will.  To that end, I’m going to change my blogging promise a wee bit.  Instead of posting a daily green challenge that I have to adopt, I’m going to post just a green lifestyle tip.  For example, I would not typically have posted about not littering, because this is not something that it would even occur to me to do.  But as I watch people pitch their cigarette butts on the ground day after day, it seems perhaps there are a lot of people who would benefit from a post on this subject.  And I grant most of my readers are not guilty of this gross crime, but you never know how a sermon will be heard beyond the converted.

This approach was inspired by the many dear people who have lately told me that they not only enjoy my blog, but that they share it with friends who are wanting to start green-ing their lives.  For those folks, a post about the value of using CFL bulbs might be really helpful, even if that’s a switch I made ten years ago.

Lastly, if you readers won’t find it too banal, I may start to post more about general musings relating to my life, and attempts to “keep it green”.  As I move to a new house, adapt to a new city, and change my work lifestyle completely, I would like the freedom to not only use my blog to reflect about it, but get some feedback from all of you, my wise and witty friends.

As this is one of longest posts I’ve ever written (making up for lost time?), I will brief regarding today’s green challenge.  Yes, I do think a true resolution is in order, given that I’ve gotten off scot-free for the last 12 days.  I’m going to give up paper towels.  I use them very little compared to some, but I do still keep a roll around for inconvenient, or particularly gross, spills.  No more!  Instead, my mop will be within handy reach in the kitchen, and each room of my house where spills will happen (e.g. kitchen, bathrooms) will have a reusable cloth holder (fashioned from a re-purposed disposable wipe holder) and a wet bag for disposal (made from lovely up-cycled fabric, thanks to  It might mean a bit more laundry, but a lot fewer trees will be consumed to clean up my messes, and less energy used to produce/recycle/transport a fundamentally unnecessary product.  So if you’re visiting me in the near future, try not to spill anything, okay?


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