Day 79 – It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

Today we took possession of a new house.  I can’t tell you how much joy I took in putting that new key on my key ring.  I considered taking a picture and posting it to FB, but decided that was a little over the top.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this new house adventure is that it is going to provide a myriad of new green pledge opportunities.  There are so many things I’ve been holding off blogging about, because I wanted to wait until I could actually DO them.  Homemade chalk for Amelia? Wait until she has a sidewalk to draw on (condo boards don’t take kindly to that sort of thing in the front lobby, apparently).  Make homemade jams and preserves? Wait until my canning gear is out of storage (and now, wait for spring, but you get the picture).  The list is endless!

The promise I can make right now, though, is to join my neighbourhood association.  There is a Yahoo group hosted by one of the neighbours, and I’m told they post about local events and community dinners and what not.  Last month there was a tree planting!  As if the 3 Bullfrog power signs on various lawns on our street weren’t enough, they plant trees!  I’m gonna like my new digs, I can tell.  Wow, that pun wasn’t even intended…


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