Day 81: Guilt motivates!

Since leaving the city, I definitely drive a lot more.  Partly this is because I have to do 20km one way to take my kid to daycare.  This is a temporary situation that will be alleviated when we move into our new house (we’re in a short-term rental).  Add to that a commute into the city at least once a week for meetings.  Plus driving around running errands.  It’s a lot.  And while I have every intention of changing most of this once we move and I change jobs, it’s still an issue.

My temporary solution is going to be start tracking my gas usage through a nifty feature in my GPS unit that lets me type in my gas purchases, and tracks my mileage between fill ups.  And while this won’t immediately reduce my driving or improve my emissions in any way, it will make me more aware of how often I’m filling up, and how many kilometres I’m logging.  And awareness is the first step to improvement, right?  It’s at least the first step towards feeling guilty… which in turn should motivate change.  I can’t stop driving my kid to daycare, but maybe I can better plan my errands to reduce the number of stops.  It’s a start.

And all the piled up guilt will mean that I’m that much more likely to make good on my promise to bike my daughter to daycare in the spring.  Guilt is a good motivator.  Ask your Mom, she knows!


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