Day 83: Saving money on razor blades

Despite my pledge to shave less frequently, I do still shave.  A girl has to keep up appearances, you know?  And while I’m not ready to switch to a straight blade (ouch!), I would love to throw out fewer razor blades.  Aside from the non-recyclable plastic and metal, they’re crazy expensive!  So I’d been keeping an eye out for a shaving stone, to be able to sharpen the blade and have my razors last longer.  I’d barely started looking in earnest, when my partner surprised me by picking one up at the general store in town.  It’s called a shaving stone, but it’s actually made of rubber.  You slide your blade along it, and it’s supposed to sharpen it.  I think it mostly just cleans it really well and maybe shines up the blade, but if lengthens the life of the blade, it’s worth it.  So thanks hubby, for giving me the fodder for today’s post!


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