Day 84: Just for the ladies

Seriously, guys, you don’t want to read this.  Unless you’re particularly comfortable with discussions about women’s menstrual cycles, because that’s where this is headed…

Ladies, we throw out a TON of plastic every year in the form of disposable “sanitary napkins”.  Not to mention that they’re individually wrapped with even more non-recyclable plastic.  I’m not suggesting we feel guilty about this, because the fact that we have to suffer through this particular monthly ordeal is punishment enough, but there is something we can do about it.  The best solution is to use re-usable products.  Didn’t know that was an option?  It is!  Grossed out? Don’t be!  It’s so not a big deal.  Especially if you’re a Mom who has used cloth diapers – this is way easier.

There are two main product options.  One is washable, cloth pads.  Some come lined with a thin vinyl, other don’t.  They come in all kinds of pretty fabrics, sizes and thicknesses.  And clean up is a snap.  You buy yourself a funky fabric wet bag (cloth outside, vinyl inside) and keep it in your bathroom.  Get a travel version to tuck in your purse.  Pop your used pads in there, then empty the whole thing into the washing machine, and voila!  No muss, no fuss.

The other option is a “keeper”.  A silicone or rubber cup that replaces a tampon.  You just empty and rinse it after every use.  I personally didn’t love this product as much (I’ll spare you the details), but I have lots of friends who rave about them – more comfortable than any other option.  I’m going to pick one up and try it again.

If you’re not down with this whole conversation, you might at least consider switching to a brand of natural pads and tampons.  Aside from containing fewer plastics, which is better for the environment, they also tend to not have bleaches or chlorine, which is better for your girl parts.  Happy planet, happy girl parts, what more could we ask for?


2 thoughts on “Day 84: Just for the ladies

  1. I swear by my diva cup!!!! Have been using it for 2 years now. Very sad I didn’t know sooner!!! Slight learning curve, but once over the hump it’s Amazing!!


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