Day 85: One small step in high heels, one giant leap into vegetarianism

I wrote a post in my head last night, but by the time we got home from the wedding we were attending, I was too exhausted to figure out the hotel’s WiFi, never mind write an actual post.  The short version is that my green good deed of the day was to walk to and from the wedding location, from our hotel, in my high heels.  I was tempted to take a cab but decided to go the greener, if not more blister-producing, route.  Granted, it was less than 1km each way, but you know how comfy high heels on concrete can be.

To balance out this tiny green deed, I’m committing to a pretty big one.  We’re going veggie.  I can hear the collective gasp.  Before your jaws hit the floor , let me add my usual lazy-green caveat.  I’m only going quasi-veggie.  We’re giving up eating meat at home.  Here’s my rationale.  My daughter gets meat at daycare pretty much every day for lunch, and she really doesn’t need meat twice a day.  Both my hubby and I are trying to find our ab muscles again, and reducing meat consumption will certainly help.  I’ve already reduced our number of meat dinners per week to three, so it’s not that drastic a change.  Lastly, the only time I find it difficult to stick to my styrofoam free pledge is in the purchasing of meat.

So there are a lot of reason this pledge makes sense.  I will still eat meat (quite happily) at the homes of friends and family, and will likely still eat it at restaurants from time to time. And I may even allow a bi-weekly meat meal chez nous, if I run out of veggie recipes or have a steak craving (though in that case, it will definitely be happy meat).  In the meantime, this week’s recipes include the following: Tomato Cobbler and Quinoa-Spinach Bake.


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