Day 86: Saving some trees

I have to buy a printer.  I’ve done without one for many years, but I’m quickly realizing that one cannot run a home business without one.  And I think I’ll have to get a fancy one that scans and faxes and what not.  I’d love to get one second-hand, but past experience has led me to believe that electronics is one area where buying new tends to be more economical.  Case in point, the $180 baby monitor that I bought second-hand for $80, and it promptly stopped working after one week.  Sigh.

So I’m in the market for a new printer.  And while I can’t think of too many ways to “green-ify” the purchase of a hunk of plastic, I can at least reduce how much paper it eats.  I’m committed to buying one that has automatic double-sided printing.  Most come with a double-sided option, but I know if I have to fight with flipping the paper by hand, and feeding it in the right way, blah blah blah, then I just as often won’t bother.  So I’m going to spend the extra bucks on one that has that feature built-in, even if that means it’s a bit more of a hulking beast.  Guess that means I’ll have to get more milk crates for my up-cycled desk…



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